CourseBuffet – Get Bachelor Degree Online

If you always had a dream to earn a Bachelor degree in tech somewhere in the western university, then you got a change to get it for free and online. CourseBuffet is a platform that enables you to create your own curriculum on the basis of free online courses of leading tech universities. Check our blog post to find out how it works with all available details.

Your own educational plan will correspondent to the full-time curriculum of the US University based on a credit-module system. Right now there are two full undergraduate programs in Computer Science and in Management, and two minor programs in Economics and in Philosophy. The next available degree will be in Finance. The authors of CourseBuffet promise that soon they will expand their list of available programs.


To start your degree path you should first select a program. After that you’ll receive a list of structured online courses with the number of credits that you can earn after finishing each of them. Some of the courses are required to attend and some of them are up to a student as in the ordinary university.


For example, for Computer Science the required courses are Core Computer Science (24 credits), Math (9 credits), English (6 credits) and Philosophy (3 credits). Other courses for Computer Science are Upper Level Computer Science (18 credits), Art&Design (3 credits), Culture (3 credits), History (3 credits), Science (6 credits), Social Science (6 credits), Other Elective Categories (39 credits at all). To get a Bachelor degree you have to earn 120 credits.


Besides university programs, CourseBuffet lists all the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from such educational platforms as Coursera, Udacity, edX, FutureLearn, Iversity, NovoED and others. All of these courses are sorted by subjects and universities for easier surfing through of the programs.

According to Ivan Prymachenko, the creator of the Ukrainian educational platform Prometheus, you won’t receive a diploma after graduating from the program, but you can receive a certificate after finishing each of the courses. Such number of certificates can impress any future employeer.

All the courses are in English. So maybe first you need to improve your English level. Check our list of 18 free websites for improving English.