Content Marketing Plan for 2013

During the last year we’ve seen lots of global changes in the internet marketing sphere. The main change is the understanding that there is no easy way in SEO. The next big thing will be to put more attention to the content marketing.

Nowadays content marketing is the fastest growing segment of internet marketing and it’s only in its begging stage. According to the survey made by the marketing group Econsultancy: 90% of 1,300 surveyed marketers and owners of internet companies said that the role of content marketing will significantly grow in the next 12 months, and 55% of questioners said that they’re going to rely on content marketing as their key instrument of promotion in 2013.


There are several useful recommendations that you can use during the building of your content marketing strategy plan:

  • Develop and clarify your content marketing strategy. It should contain: clear goals, a set of ideas for future articles, a list of promotion channels, principles of work with each channel;
  • Put more stress on analytics metrics such as pageview, visit duration, frequency and recency. In other words, analyze the behavior of your audience more;
  • Create a content marketing department at your company. Make special efforts to work with the best editors and copywriters on your project;
  • “Think outside the box” while discussing your current channels of promotion. Do not be afraid to try something new and to experiment. Try new social networks that you haven’t experimented with. Start with Pinterest, Slideshare, Foursquare, AlterGeo, if you haven’t yet;
  • Negotiate with leading websites in your industry in order to prepare posts that can really interest your target audience get them involved in discussions that they have not been involved in before;
  • Reserve 30 minutes per month for analyzing the website of your most successful competitor;
  • If you’re working in the B2B market than it’s a good time for creating educational video podcasts, if you’re in the B2C market – make video guides and video reviews of your products. The role of videos will only increase;
  • Start to gather feedback from the customers. Pay attention to the most frequently asked questions, rate the most mentioned problems in order to focus your content to your customers;
  • Do not try to economize by purchasing a photo from photo bank. Search engines always consider the number of unique illustrations;
  • Do you have your own email newsletters yet? If not, you need it;
  • Read at least one good book about marketing each month. That’s a good way to generate new ideas;
  • Make sure your content can be read easily on mobile phones and tablets. You can’t ignore mobile technologies anymore.

Differ somehow from others. Be unique to standout for your customers.

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