Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over and Christmas is coming. Most of the IT guys are geeks if not all of them. So we’ve collected some gift ideas that really could be a nice present for a geek for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

FitBit Force

What: Smart bracelet
Price: 129.95$

FitBit Force is a smart bracelet for monitoring sport activities and for tracking sleep phases. FitBit Force counts all of your steps, your distance covered over the course of the day and calories burned. While you’re dreaming this bracelet tracks your sleep phases and wakes you up with a vibrating alarm at the desired time.
You can share all of your activity and sleeping achievements on the social networks as FitBit syncs wirelessly and automatically in the background through Bluetooth 4.0. The bracelet can sync with your PC, iPhone or Android devices. You can also track your trend on a special dashboard. With the help of FitBit Force you can compete with friends by getting badges, you can set notifications, and plan your healthy meals for a week.

Pocket Projector Mobile


What: Portable digital projector
Price: 299.99$

With the help of this device you can show an image from your PC, tablet or smartphone on any wall with a resolution of up to 80” diagonal. Pocket Projector includes a LED lamp up to 85 lumens, dual built-in speakers and focus control. It can work for up to 2 hours on a single charge. The maximum resolution is up to 1080p HDMI. It weighs only 2 kg, so you can carry it and show a presentation anywhere you want.


What: Smart dashboard + clock
Price: 129.99$

According to surveys, almost 85% of smartphone users begin their morning with an update on social networks, checking emails, news, and weather forecasts. Nimbus can put all of these updates into a physical form that’s a digital 4-dial dashboard which tracks what’s important to you. Nimbus can monitor updates from different apps, count the number of likes/shares/comments on Facebook, number of twits on Twitter, number of pics on Instagram (or number of likes as well) etc. It even works with FitBit Force.

The Impossible Instant Lab


What: printer for instant photo printing
Price: 299$

If you like to print your photos that you made with your smartphone then The Impossible Instant Lab is what you need. The printed pics look like a Polaroid. For printing you just have to choose a photo on your iPhone or iPad and connect it to Instant Lab. There is an app for remote control of a printer.

UI Stencils

What: Stencil design for mobile applications
Price: 29.99$

The market of mobile apps is constantly growing up. Their usability and functionality are playing a great role in the overall success of this market. UI Stencil is a stencil that has all of the needed features for creating a cool application. Probably this does not look like a good idea for a gift, but a mobile designer would like this without question.



What: Conductive finger pads for gloves
Price: 11.99$

If you have Digits then you don’t need to take off your gloves while answering a phone call during the winter. These Digits can be pinned to any pair of gloves or mittens (even baseball gloves). One pack includes 4 Digits (2 for each glove).

Epic Virtual Keyboard

What: Virtual Keyboard
Price: 149.99$

You don’t like small keyboards on smartphones and tablets? Then this Epic Virtual Keyboard was invented just for you. Virtual Keyboard projects a fixed keyboard onto any type of flat surface in a laser form. All of this connects to a smartphone trough Bluetooth 3.0. It weighs only 300 grams and charges from the USB.


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