BrainBasket Will Teach IT to 40K Ukrainians in 2016-2017

IT specialist and its knowledge base are the main engines of tech development and innovations. But along with this, consistent self-improvement, attending online courses and offline events are the main engines of a well-skilled IT specialist.

If you don’t know where to start then BrainBasket knows. This educational foundation is launching the Ukrainian program Technology Nation – free courses on computer programming that are based on courses of the world’s best tech universities. Check our blog post to find out the details of how BrainBasket is going to teach 40K Ukrainians to code.

BrainBasket states that this program will allow anyone to learn the basics of most programming languages for further studying and employment. The course provides tech knowledge along with software development skills and English lessons as well. The program is supported by the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

The courses will be held on the bases of 100 libraries in 22 cities across Ukraine and will last for 3 months. It will be held in a blended learning format that combines online lectures with offline meetings and lectures. Offline classes will include 9 laboratory works and a final presentation under a mentor’s supervision. As mentioned above, the program is based on courses of some of the world’s best tech universities – Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

Right now you can register for the first part of the program that will start on the 1st of March, 2016. There will be 22 groups in 22 cities with 15 people in each group. But BrainBasket has already launched 2 pilot groups on one course of this program – Harvard Computer Science 50. Also they’re planning to launch some more pilot groups based on courses of MIT and Stanford University.

Anyone can apply for Technology Nation, but priority will be given to those ones:

  • Who have already a higher education;
  • Who have small kids;
  • Who have less opportunities to study because of their region or some other reasons;
  • Who have participated in the ATO or have had to change their place of living.

Also some important criteria for enrolling is computer literacy and English language proficiency (upper-intermediate or higher).

It’s expected that almost 40,000 people will attend this program in the next year. The number of cities that are participating in the program may increase in the future.