Big Mobile Design and Development Trends in 2015

The mobile Internet is growing faster than the desktop Internet, and more users are connecting to the Internet via their mobile devices. Because mobile devices are being used by the majority of people, “the mobile design” is now a key trend that will keep on growing and developing over at least the next 5 years. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the top trends which we expect to see in 2015 in mobile design. If you’re going to redesign an app or to create a new one, then check this list out.

Subtle Color Pallets

While web designers are likely to use a greater variety of saturated colors, the exact opposite thing is going to happen with mobile designers and developers. Since mobile design has taken a step in the direction of a more minimal design, it won’t be surprising to see the designers dialing back on the color.


Subtle color schemes are going to take the place of bold and flashy palettes. Subtle colors can help to draw new users to the mobile app and make their concentration more focused. The typical fiery red and neon green colors will become more ‘light’ instead of ‘intense’. After the subtle colors are implemented into the mobile interfaces, the flat design will become more optimized and elements – more interactive.

Animated Elements

Having more interactions with the users is leading to better reviews of apps. And nothing seems to show a better response than animation, so don’t be surprised to see a more interactive content.


With competitors trying to outdo the other competitor’s apps, you can expect to see animation being used in a much more functional and motivational role. Animation will be used to provide users with a more pleasant and effective experience. The use of animation will not only give the apps more entertainment but it will also provide more personality to the app itself.

More Scrolling

We have already seen the next level of scrolling in web design, but in 2015 we expect to see this trend in mobile design as well. Scrolling in a mobile app is not something unusual, but it can go even further. We’re talking about parallax scrolling.


Parallax scrolling will help take animation to the next level and make storytelling in the mobile design more interactive.

We expect to see more modular and infinite scrolling in some mobile apps as well. Despite this, we will also see both vertical and horizontal scrolling used to create some amazing effects to improve the user’s experience. Scrolling will become a new trend to be followed.


Along with the addition of some new effects in mobile design, it only makes sense that storytelling will also have to take on a new form as stories in apps take on a more interactive role.


As we talked about before, mobile design is becoming more interactive with a focus on both UX and UI. All these items include visually bold imaginary, high quality, and smart crafted videos, as well as more personalized experiences based on data that is collected. You will see animation tools being used along with the storytelling elements to help bring stories to life.

Blurred Backgrounds

This trend has already been used in web design and web development but it is being adopted into mobile app development as well. Blur effects are used in mobile design not only to create a visually nice design but also to help the user focus on important things. Blur effects will help users to understand what this intractable thing is, and what it is not.


This will also make call-to-action buttons more clickable. These buttons are expected to get bolder designs to make them stand out even more than before. Blurred backgrounds won’t be used only to make the user’s clicks on buttons more convenient but they will also be used in combination with interactive storytelling.


These are some of the key mobile designs and development trends which we’re going to see as far as mobile development goes. There is plenty of trends that are not included in this list but they can also be really important for mobile designers; these are material design, simplified interfaces, smart devices, and others. One thing is clear – mobile design is on its way to make the user experience better.