Being a Web Developer in Ukraine – Key Numbers

That’s quite nice to be a web developer in Ukraine. Such a conclusion was made by the specialists of the biggest Ukrainian recruitment website –, after analyzing the vacancies and CVs for web developers in 2015.

The picture of a typical Ukrainian web developer is a young person with a higher education, some work experience, and a good level English. It is important to mention, that usually web developers get a higher salary than they would first expect. Check our blog post to find out the key numbers of being a web developer in Ukraine.

According to the dynamics of posted vacancies for web developers on, web developers are in high demand among IT employers. The total number of open vacancies has increased almost by half during 2015.

The dynamics of posting new job vacancies

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With no doubt, the biggest amount of jobs for web developers were listed in Kyiv and its region, while Kharkiv is in second place with 14% of open vacancies. Lviv has proved itself as an important IT region in Ukraine, and is in third place with 8%, while Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk are sharing fourth and fifth places.

The number of vacancies by regions


Talking about a typical web programmer, the majority of the specialists are representing the stronger gender, while only 11% of CVs were received from women.

Two thirds of the applicants (65%) have graduated from the university and received Master’s degree. Other quarter of all applicants are continuing their studies or have already received Bachelor’s degree.

The structure of CVs for web developers by education


Web programming is one of the most interesting areas for young specialists. 58% of all job seekers are in the age group from 18 to 25. This job could be a good start of a successful IT career.

The structure of CVs for web developers by age


Despite the young age of most web developers, a quarter of them have already two years or more of working experience, and every tenth specialist has 5+ years of experience.

The structure of CVs for web developers by work experience


Because of the young age, most of such developers can look for junior positions in web development. Only 1% of all candidates can apply for management jobs.

The structure of CVs for web developers by job positions


Only a quarter of all candidates have admitted that they don’t know English, while all others assess their English level as at least intermediate. Also, web developers with good skills and a good English level get higher first salary than they would expect.

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