Barometer of the IT Labor Market in Ukraine

The recruitment portal HeadHunter Ukraine published the results of the annual survey “Barometer of the IT Labor Market in Ukraine”, which provides a final analysis of the IT industry in addition to general issues.

The growth of competition became a trend in the IT sector: for the first time in several years, IT specialists were not included in the top 5 areas with the lowest competition. The rest is the same. Employers are still willing to pay IT specialists in foreign currency, and the most highly paid specialists are Java programmers.

A developer in Ukraine is one of the most prestigious and highly paid jobs. Thus, having a desire to change a professional sphere, many students are studying at coding courses or trying to get necessary skills by themselves. Increase in the number of IT specialists contributes to the growth of competition among them. As a result, IT is no longer the lowest competing industry in Ukraine.

However, the level of competition in the IT is still quite low and there are not more than two people for one working place. Therefore, it will not be difficult yet for professional IT specialist to find a job.

The most popular IT specialty

According to HeadHunter Ukraine’s analysis of the database of vacancies, the majority of Ukrainian labor markets is in need for web developers. Also, the majority of proposals are related to the design, layout and creation of mobile applications. The major part of mobile applications is based on iOS and Android, so the first thing employers are looking for is professionals who can develop on the basis of these OS.


What employers require from candidates for the IT specialist in Ukraine

Top three programming languages, that are stated in the requirements for specialists, are Java, C+ and PHP. Most employers also require knowledge of HTML and Python. Most often, job seekers expect a deep knowledge of one programming language, less often – a few.

One of the main requirements to IT specialists is knowledge of English language at the level of Upper-Intermediate and higher. This is related not only to the specifics of working in IT, but also to the fact that more than 80% of all outsourcing Ukrainian IT companies operate in foreign markets.

The most highly paid specialists on the market are Java programmers. According to the data from HeadHunter Ukraine in October 2016, more than half of job seekers in the IT sphere want the payment up to UAH 15 000. The other 34% – from UAH 15 000 to 45 000. Approximately 45% are “somewhat satisfied” with their salaries, and 11% – not satisfied at all.