5 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

When was the last time you felt like there is not enough hours in the day? Did you thought in these moments that it would be great to have a helper who could plan everything and make your day more productive? If you’re going to be under an avalanche of cases, urgent tasks, and pending meetings, then having a mobile app for keeping track of all these workings is an essential. What app to choose depends entirely on you. Below you will find 5 mobile apps that will help you to keep your life organized. They can be installed and used on all iOS devices, as well as on Android gadgets. And they are totally free!



EasilyDo launches deeply into your smartphone by connecting your email accounts, as well as accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Evernote while removing useless subscribers and wrong addresses. Then it tells you about your upcoming meeting, the best way to get there and what is the current weather outside. If you are late, then it can notify the people who are waiting you that you’re on your way.

It also has other good qualities like scanning all your incoming messages to be able to notify you of upcoming events and urgent emails. It will tell you who is having a birthday and propose different types of greetings.  The app is working closely with your other apps. The main idea is to help you to achieve your goals the easiest and most effective way.

According to Hetal Pandya, co-founder of EasilyDo: ‘The team has created a smart assistant that saves time and is easy to handle. Every goal in the app was set after analyzing the tasks faced by professionals every day’.

App Store, Google play



Timeful doesn’t only schedule your events and tasks, but also helps you to improve good habits for which you always don’t have enough time to do.

There are three categories in this app: events (meetings that are scheduled for a specific time), list of tasks (good ideas that come into your mind) and habits (those things that you’d like to do on a regular basis, for example, running in the morning). In the app you are planning a schedule: working hours, time to sleep and the most productive periods of the day. The algorithm then distributes your events and to-do-lists, and finds the best time to practice your new habit – before or after the work.

Surely you can do this on your own. But do you? If not, then Timeful is the right app to try to do something new and always be on time.

App Store, Google Play (soon)



Have you ever been in such a situation – you had been worked many hours on your presentation and forgot to take it on the meeting? For sure, you remember where the presentation is on your laptop, but what good is this if you forgot to bring it with you? But if you have TeamViewer then this wouldn’t be a problem.

This is a mobile app that allows you to have access to remote computers with only one click of a mouse; it transfers folders and files within seconds. It also allows users to work on documents with other people who have access to them. There are two versions of using this app – for business use and for personal use.

App Store, Google play



Someone invites you to a meeting at 10 am, but you cannot go to it. You’re sending your answer to the invitation and the same messages are sent by other team members, making your inbox useless with all these unwanted messages.

Doodle, positioning itself as an app for scheduling appointments that you will actually use, knows a better way for this type of problem. You can start a conversation, message others, and see all the events because they are collected in one place (Doodle calls them ‘pools’). It uses a simple interface where you can see what event is better to visit at this moment. This is the only thing Doodle does, but it does it really well.

App Store, Google play

WPS Office


Since smartphones have become phablets and tablets have become much quicker, more people are using them not only for checking the inbox, but for working as well.

WPS Office helps to users to perform such working works. You can edit documents in Word, spreadsheets, and presentations in PowerPoint, and read PDF files as well. It has a built-in file manager and can gain access to such cloud services, as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. There is an option of auto save in case you get distracted and also an option for document encryption for security purposes. This app is excellent for workaholics and for those who occasionally have to work ‘on the run’.

App Store, Google play

Hope these apps will help you to keep your days productive and always on time.