A Research on Salary Growth According to Work Experience in Ukraine

It’s a well-known fact that a job in IT is well-paid not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. But it’s always exciting to know what salary you can expect if you’re just entering the industry and how your salary can grow while your experience grows too.

A popular Ukrainian website for developers, dou.ua, made a research on how a salary growth depends on work experience.

The key results:

  • C++ Developers have the highest salaries among developers with less than one year of work experience;
  • Java, Swift and JavaScript Developers get the most money among developers with more than five years of experience;
  • Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers and Business Analysts have the highest salaries among those ones who’re just entering the IT industry and don’t have any work experience at all.

Developers’ salaries

The figure below shows average salaries of developers with different years of work experience such as 1, 3, and 5 years:

Salaries of Junior and Middle Developers (with 1 and 3 years of work experience accordingly) are almost the same for all programming languages, but their salaries change after they become Senior Specialists (5 years of experience). Java, Swift and JavaScript Senior developers get the highest salaries, while Ruby and PHP Developers get the lowest salaries among all Senior Developers.

Almost all developers get salaries of $1500 a month after two years of working as an IT specialist. The exception is PHP Developers who have to work for 4 years to get such a salary.

So we can see that PHP isn’t a specialization for quick profits in the Ukrainian IT industry but C++ and Java Developers can expect the fastest increase of their salaries.

Salaries of other IT specialists

As for the other IT specialists, the highest salaries get Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers, and Business Analysts without any work experience. After a year of work, Project Managers can expect to get a significant increase in their salaries.

DevOps, QAs, Business Analysts, and Designers receive a significant promotion after the fourth year of work experience.

Data Science and DevOps Engineers can expect the fastest increase of their salaries, while QAs, Designers, and System Administrators have to wait for a while to get a pay rise.