5 Worth Seeing Startup Pitches

A great original idea and hard work over its realization is not enough to insure the success of a startup.  A good startup pitch and a great presentation of its advantages are the keys for gaining the interest among potential angels and investors.  Siliconrus has collected five examples of startup pitches that can bring favorable results. Find out more below.


Product: Geosocial networking, location-based services

Speaker: Sam Altman

Details: Sam presents an app that shows all his friends close-by. After that he describes the main features of Loopt. In 2013 it’s not really surprising, but you have to remember that this was in 2008.

Result: Company Green Dot purchased Loopt for $43M in 2012.


Product: Lending search services

Speaker: Candace Klein

Details: Klein describes lending problems in a simple way. Everyone is able to understand what “social scoring” or “debt risk” means after her 6 minutes presentation. It is a good example of how to make complicated things easier to understand.

Result: SoMoLend got $3.7M of investments.


Product: Service for finding a nearby doctor and booking an appointment

Speakers: Cyrus Massoumi and Oliver Kharraz

Details: Massoumi begins with a joke. This gives him an opportunity to feel comfortable up on stage and then to describe an easier way of how to book an appointment with a doctor.

Bonus: A dummy friend falls down and breaks his tooth in the fourth minute of the presentation. The guys find him a dentist in a couple of minutes using ZocDoc.

Result: The startup is almost a household name in the US. Its market value is almost $1B. But everything had begun with a joke and a dummy friend.


Product: A plastic bottle that allows for getting spring water from any water source using nano filters

Speaker: Michael Pritchard

Details: Michael begins with statistics: 50% of those who drink puddle water will suffer from diarrhea. Such a statistics, increase interest during the startup pitch.

For a bigger effect, Michael fills an aquarium with dirt, garbage and other trash, than fills the Lifesaver bottle with this liquid and after a couple of seconds drinks all this. This is an impressive effect that needed no words.

Result: Filters Lifesaver really helps in emerging countries with bad quality water.


Product: Social content service

Speaker: Kevin Rose

Details: The presentation is laconic and describes the main advantages of Digg.com. A good looking girl asks a leading question and answers “A-haaa” in order to increase interest.

Result: Betaworks purchased it for $500K. Kevin works as an investor and partner at Google Ventures.

Source: Siliconrus.com

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