5 Ways to Keep Eyes Healthy Working with PC

The working week is almost done and you’re creating plans for the weekend. Over these two days your eyes will have some rest as well. Every day your eyes are under great pressure because of all these documents with white backgrounds, light websites and browsers, and so on. Sounds familiar? Your eyes need some rest at some point in every working hour, at least 10 min/hour. Below you will find a list of tools, apps, and settings that could help you to protect and keep your eyes healthy while working with PCs.

Surely, all these tools, apps, and settings won’t make our eyesight better, but they could protect us against some vision loss. We should remember that there are several factors in working with computer that significantly has an influence our eyes: background, brightness and contrast of the screen, font size and the font itself.

1. ClearType


This standard tool from Microsoft allows you to adjust and pick the font on the screen that fits best your eyesight. According to developers, ClearType improves the appearance of the text on certain types of computer display screens and makes the letters on the screen similar to that  which are on printed paper.

Activating and adjusting ClearType in Windows 7 and 8 > Control Panel > Personalization > Display > Adjust ClearType and then choose the setting that fits you best. All the process will take you 6 steps and will last only 2-3 minutes.

2. Chrome Settings: High Contrast and Dark Themes


According to scientists, your eyes would be less tired if you would be using white text on a black (dark) screen. Basically, most websites use white backgrounds so we deal with this problem most of the time while surfing the Internet. Therefore, it’s better to customize your browser. We’ll use Google Chrome as an example.

Firstly, it’s better to download and install the extension High Contrast. It lets you browse the web and each website with your choice of several high-contrast color filters: Normal, Increased Contrast, Grayscale, Inverted Color, Inverted Grayscale, and Yellow on Black. A small amount of trouble can be caused by fact that this extension inverts not only the text, but pictures as well. But there is a hot key combination (Shift+F1) to disable the extension so you can view images without any changes. In addition to High Contrast, there are lots of dark themes that can be integrated into Chrome.

3. f.lux


This is a good tool, but you have to get used to it. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, and iPad.

The first settings during installation are: the type of lightning at your workplace and the country that you are living in. Then your settings of brightness and contrast will be automatically adjusted according to the lightning in the room. It’s possible to disable this application for an hour. Besides this, the app can choose warm tones for the monitor.

4. Extensions – Reminders


There are several extensions with the main task – to remind the user to take a break every hour. Most of them are based on the rule 20-20-20: every 20 minutes to do a 20 seconds break and to look at an object that is 20 meters away. Some of them can be adjusted according to your preferences. The most popular extensions are:

5. Workrave


This simple app will make sure you don’t forget about the breaks during your working hours. You can adjust three options in the settings tab: how often to remind you about the break, how often you want to see a reminder about having a cup of coffee, and the total time you spend working. Workrave also has a small list of simple exercises that you can do during your break at work.

Besides all these apps and software, there are other basic tips for keeping your eyes healthy: eat more berries and vegetables that have vitamins A and B, such as blueberries, blackberries, and carrots (very important during the spring season), don’t forget about simple exercises for your eyes and visit an ophthalmologist on a regular basis. Be healthy and DO NOT forget about your eyes, you only have two!