5 Simple Prompts How to Hunt up Motivation

Have you lost the passion for coding that drove you some time ago? Do you feel lack of motivation and enthusiasm to cope with tasks? Are you screwing yourself up to finish your project? You don’t feel any inspiration to answer calls. You’re just staring at the screen of your phone and don’t want to spend energy at all.  You have no desire to have a walk in the evening or to have fun with your friends. Fall transfers from a beautiful period in “it is wet outside, I don’t want to go out”, winter “it is cold outside”, and summer in “it is hot outside”. Days became monotonous, boring and sleepy. You remind yourself a zombie, don’t you?

If yes, keep your head up: it happens to everyone from time to time.

But we know how to make things right: we propose you a guide which will return you passion to coding again.

Try these points out – and you’ll notice that you are keen on coding again.

Remember, proficiency always begins with small steps.

1. Get enough sleep

Seriously. Go and get enough sleep. Switch off all your alarms, close social networks. Any “I will only check messages”, it doesn’t work.  You should get a good night’s sleep, so you don’t feel snoozy all day long.

Sleeping is a vital process, besides, every person has to sleep every day and for enough time.

The motivation comes back in 70% of cases.

2. Take a walk or work out

If the motivation hasn’t returned – take a bicycle (or on foot) – and go outside.

If there is a beautiful park not very far from your place, then find a couple of non-standard physical exercises, you can even wisely try out some battle exercises but, and just do them.

Work with your body and physical activities in general – this is a perfect way to feel the vibe of  encouragement. The way of finding the motivation is like a game. Several steps are necessary to understand rules. When the concept is clear, you win.

At this stage the motivation comes back approximately in 85% of cases.

3. Read a book

If the motivation hasn’t returned yet – take a book, but not technical, ideally – of a genre you like. And read this book quietly, without counting the quantity of pages. When reading, you relax from all the problems and stressful situations.

You can watch the movie “Social network” or any other sci-fi movie – it is always inspiring. Most likely, at this stage you are eager to write code again – congrats!

4. Repeat all over again

If the motivation hasn’t returned, go over the points, beginning from the first one up to this, five times without thinking of time. Carry out only the most important issues – urgent tasks, study or work.

You can even ask your family to help about the house.

5.  Have fun

Teach yourself to derive pleasure from coding, this is the best motivation. Find projects which you really enjoy to work on. And it doesn’t matter what it actually will be. It might be a cat’s blog, a social network for pugs, etc. Just find something that makes you laugh and work on it.


The motivation grows when you see a result of your efforts. But if you are, actually, not really interested in programming, you spin your wheels. It is important to choose such kind of activity where the result will be of great value for you.

Cheer yourself up with energy of activity, energy of impressions, energy of sport, energy of life! Have a rest, have a good time, communicate, travel. And you will be filled up with life, so you’ll be able to draw an inspiration for work.