5 Ideal Employees that Every Company Needs

Every employee has their unique personal and professional skills but there are several types of people who can be particularly beneficial. HRs and project managers who hire employees should pay attention to those ones who would be desired and useful for any company. Gwen Moran from Fast Company has described five types of the employees that should be hired by any type of organization, especially by IT companies.

Good communication and relationships between colleagues measure  success of any project. According to the report of Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement by the Society of Human Resource Managers, 44% of relationships between coworkers were “very important”. Also it may be surprising that the report also found out that 79% of employees were satisfied with those business relationships.

So let’s find out these five types of employees who are needed by every company for the effective working process.

Dream Employee #1: Integrator

Typical integrators are described by Deloitte’s Business Chemistry framework, consulting and auditing firm that identifies personal patterns. Integrators better understand context of a task and can bring workers together. Often Integrators have a lot of skills due to their experience and can define a common approach before moving forward.

Typically they want to be a part of a team but they need some time for analyzing what’s going on around. Integrators like to meet new people, have good sense of empathy and are attentive to details, so they are good at understanding people in whole as well as their needs particularly. This is a kind of person who is required to build and motivate a team.

Dream Employee #2: Innovator

Innovators are the people who always look for a new way to complete a task, according to Robin Marks from University of Delaware’s Career Services Center. Innovators take a fresh look at various situations, and look for the ways to improve them and increase their efficiency. These people are the best among those ones who can automate routine processes, or streamline the system that is not working very well.


Dream Employee #3: Advocate

We always need someone to back us up. Advocates aren’t afraid to defend their or another person’s position if they think that this person needs or deserves something that he or she didn’t get.  Advocates are aware of what their team members should do better and how they can be involved, and then they work on how to provide their employees with all  the resources needed. They eager to do  everything in a right way for their colleagues, and typically advocates do their best when a request is related to satisfy an employee’s need or to perform customer service.

Dream Employee #4: Bridge

Another type of a valued employee is a Bridge, one of the “middlemen” that was identified in the book “The Middlemen Economy: How Brokers, Agents, Dealers, and Everyday Matchmakers Create Value and Profit” by Marina Krakovsky. Bridges serve as  guides  to the world of information and communication. They work well as communicators due to their large and diverse business contacts. For Bridges, there is no need to be executives. They just have to be in their place with the ability to connect you with the people and the information that you need.

You may think that these people are knowledge brokers or information traders. Often they are the type of people who take some useful information from the place that doesn’t particularly value it, and bring it to the place where this information is highly-valuable and new.

Dream Employee #5: Pioneer

Need some new ideas? Then you need a Pioneer. This type of employee is good at noticing of different perspectives. They can check a project or task from different angles and come up with new ways to improve or solve it. Just don’t expect that typical Pioneer will be attentive to details or will complete all tasks. But if you need an overall picture, then they can add additional value to a project. Also, if you’re learning something or trying something completely new, they’re the ones who would love the innovations.

So, if you’re going to be surrounded by the people with great ideas, collaborate with them and help each other, only then such a company or project would become a great place for work. And seeking such employees might be a step in the right direction.