Month: March 2017

How to Make Your Project Successful?

Check our blog post if you’re eager to find out the ways how to make a project successful. Do you know what it’s better to focus on while working on a project? Look for the answer in our article.

What to Learn Next? Salesforce!

Guys, if you’re looking for something new to learn, or if you want to change your career in general, Softheme offers you a great chance to learn Salesforce! Read our blog to find out why should you always keep learning and why should you choose our course 🙂

When Your Phone Won’t Die After Swimming in a Pool?

Guys, if you ever dropped your phone into water, or spilled a juice onto your iPhone, or you are just afraid that such a situation might once happen, read our blog and find out when you can feel free and not to be afraid that water will kill your phone again.

How to Create a Hot Messenger?

Guys, would you like to build your own hot chat app like Telegram? Do you know the strong points of Telegram? No?
Read our blog and find them out to know what you should pay attention on! 🙂