18 Free Websites for Improving English

Any successful IT career includes good English language skills and that’s a well-known fact. Earlier this month we posted a list of several open vacancies in Softheme for different IT projects but with one common skill – fluent English. So if you’re feeling that your English should be improved for better opportunities then check the post below with a list of 18 websites for upgrading English skills. All of them are free with various tasks for different audiences.

We have to mention, that Softheme provides to its employees free English classes, some with a native speaker, during working hours. All classes are divided by levels: elementary, juniors (Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate) and seniors (Upper-Intermediate, Advanced). But as more English practice you have, the better your English skills are.


1. Duolingo is one of the most popular and well-known tools for beginners to learn a language online. It was launched for the general public in 2012. The interesting fact about Duolingo is that its development and financing are largely crowd-sourced, and the main investors are Google Capital, Ashton Kutcher, and other famous investors. The company’s business model relies on cutting deals with websites and other companies that need materials translated.

The exercises cover reading, writing, listening and speaking. Duolingo keeps track of your progress and participation as you learn. The Duolingo mobile app, which is available in iOS, Android and Windows Phone, lets you pick up your learning from where you left off the app.

2. Real-english.com is an open source website with original videos, interactive lessons, and a community of teachers and students learning together.

3. LearnEnglish is a network of people who are studying British English. The Learn English Network provides study materials available in forms of magazines, diaries, games, chats, lessons, tests, and others.

4. Situational English is a website that provides an opportunity to study English using real-life situations. The website provides more than 150 articles that include vocabularies according to the described situations.


5. Babeleo is a website for reading English books in the original form, followed by a professional literary translation. The beta version of the website with some samples is free, but full access to all books including audiobooks is available in a paid subscription.

6. ExamEnglish is a website for people studying for an English language international exam, like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and Cambridge English exams. The website contains free online practice tests for levels from A2 to C2.

7. BBC Learning English offers free audio, video, and text materials to learners around the world since 1943. The courses are available for students who have at least lower-intermediate level of knowing English.

8. Puzzle-English is a website that helps to learn English by watching popular TV series and other videos with subtitles. The videos include episodes from TED, BBC, video blogs, and others.

9. Eslpod.com is a website with podcasts that are available for free in iTunes. You can download a podcast with real conversations and discussions, or you can download complete transcripts and read them anytime you want.


10. FreeRice is a website that supports the United Nations World Food Programme. You can increase your English vocabulary by completing tasks on grammar and different tests. For each right answer, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hanger.

11. Learn American English online – all the study materials are divided by levels and have different colors for better usability. Teacher Paul explains grammar and rules with videos.

12. Ororo.tv is a video service that allows learning English by watching TV shows and movies. The video player has a built-in translator where you can choose Russian or other language.

13. Film-english is a website for learning English by watching short films that were created by Kieran Donaghy, a winner of numerous educational awards in the UK.

14. TuneintoEnglish is a resource for learning English through listening to pop music. You have the ability to write the lyrics of the songs, to sing karaoke and to play guessing games.


15. Memrise is an online learning tool that uses mems to help users form vivid, sensory memories.  Memrise uses flashcards with mnemonics and a spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning. Memrise app is available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

16. Myspelling is a website for those one who want to improve their spelling in words and sentences’ in English. The system displays a word or sentence in the language a user is fluent in, and then asks him to write them in English.

17. ManyThings is a website for those one who are preparing to pass tests or exams in English. There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, a random-sentence generator, and other language learning activities.

18. List English is a website that provides useful materials for studying English: online dictionaries, forums, tutors, tests, textbooks, video courses, YouTube channels, and many others.