10 Typical Visitors of a Startup Conference

Summer is a period for vacations and holidays. But it’s also a good time for planning your personal professional growth by visiting different IT conferences.

Startup conferences are becoming the most popular and the most visited conference in the IT world. There are usually 10 typical types of visitors to such events. If you have ever visited such an event, you probably have met one or more of these types of people described below.

The Job Seeker


A conference is a good place for finding new opportunities. HR managers are common visitors to these conferences. Sometimes it’s better first to get the much needed experience of working with a well-known company before starting your own.

The Entrepreneur


All startups are searching for resources that they need (especially investments), but it’s also a good point to be in touch with anything that may interest you in the future. So take your business cards and go to the meetings. Do not think of other companies just as your competitors. Partnerships, useful contacts, and friendly advice can open up new horizons and keep you from making unnecessary mistakes.

The Sales Person


Do not just sell, but help others – introduce someone to someone else, send applicants to the appropriate person, help promote the event – doing all these things can help increase your sales in the future.

The Suit / Corporate


If you can’t improve the project by yourself, you have other plans or you just got tired of working on your startup then these guys are ready to talk about a possible partnership or merger and acquisition.

The Model Who’s Paid to be There


Actually, they are not models there but they are good marketing specialists who are practicing two main marketing functions: communication and merchandising.

The Social Media Addict


He knows everything and everybody at the conference. His main functions are twitting, sharing, and liking all the time. The first sign that you have found this person is he will have a couple of devices in his hands.

The KeyNote Speaker


If you’re a successful entrepreneur, it does not mean that you’re a good speaker. The more you practice – the better result.

The Stressed Out Guy


Keep calm and feel better.

The Event Organizer


The conference world is in their hands.

The Sponsor


Spending money for sponsorships (positioning and advertising) is not the key for the success of a campaign. The main thing is to describe the advantages of what you own.


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