10 Simple Life Hacking Tips to Improve Productivity

“Time is the only capital that any human has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose” – Thomas Edison.

Super-productive people are the same as any other person. But they achieve more because they think differently; they really value their time and know how to use it. And they rely on productivity hacks that make them more efficient. Checkout our blog post with 10 life hacking tips of the successful people that help them to achieve greater productivity through the working day.

When we’re talking about productivity, we all face the same challenge – there is only 24 hours in a day. But as we all know, it feels incredible when you leave the office after having a really productive day, as the good saying goes – “Feeling tired, but proud of myself”.

With the right approach, you can make this happen every day. These 10 simple life hacking tips on productivity can help you to implement such a ‘habit’.

1. Never touch things twice

Productive people never procrastinate, because starting tasks twice is a huge waste of time. Don’t save an email or a phone call for later. As soon as you start dealing with something, you should resolve it, delegate it, or delete it.

2. Get ready for tomorrow before you leave the office

Productive people finish their working day by planning for the next. This tip solves two problems at the same time: it helps to understand what you’ve achieved during the day; ensures you’ll be as productive or even more productive tomorrow. It will only add at most 5 minutes to the end of the day, but it’s the best way to finish the working day.

3. Eating a frog

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day” – Mark Twain.

Eating a frog is the American idiom that means “to do something really unpleasant”. That’s a best antidote for procrastination and super-productive people start their morning with this ‘tasty meal’. In other words, they do the least pleasant and interesting things on their to-do-list before they do anything else. After that they have only pleasant tasks for the rest of the day.

4. Fight ‘the tyranny of the urgent’


The tyranny of the urgent refers to some little tasks that have to be done right now but get in the way of the more really important tasks. This creates a problem as urgent actions usually have little impact.

If you follow ‘the tyranny of urgent tasks’ than you can find yourself going days or even weeks without working on really important things. Productive people are good at understanding what’s really important and urgent and what is not.

5. Stick to the schedule during meetings

Meetings are bigger time-killers. Productive people know that meetings can last forever if they don’t inform everyone that they’ll have to stick to the approved schedule. This sets a time limit that keeps everyone motivated and concentrated during all of meeting.

6. Check emails at a certain time

Productive people don’t let emails interrupt them during the day. Also they like to use tools and features that make it possible to prioritize emails by sender. They set alerts for the emails from the most important clients, important clients, and so on, while they save the rest for a certain part of the day. Some people even set an autoresponder to let senders find out when their email could be checked and answered by.

7. Don’t have multitasks


Really productive people know that multitasking is a time-killer. Research from Stanford University confirms that multitasking is less productive than doing one thing at a time. Multitasking reduces your efficiency and productivity because our brain can concentrate on one thing at a time. When you try to do two things at the same time, the brain lacks the capacity in order to complete both tasks successfully.

8. Delegate

Smart and productive people know how to share their tasks with their talented colleagues within their organization. They trust people from their team, so they can focus on completing their own tasks.

9. Put the technology to work for you

Technologies can be a source of distraction, but they can also help you to focus. Productive people make technologies work for them. As mentioned above, you can set up filters and notifications on your email account, so your smartphone alerts you when something important happens. If you take this approach, there is no need to be checking your phone all the time.

10. Go off from society

Don’t be afraid to go off from society for some time. Give one trusted person your new phone number, where he can call in case of an emergency. All incoming requests should go through this person who can filter them and decide whether it’s important or not. This strategy can help you to finish high-priority projects on time.