10 HTML Questions for Testing Your Knowledge

Are you good with HTML? Do you know what these letters stand for? Most software and web developers think that they know the modern Web standards and the basics of most popular programming languages well. Do you want to test your knowledge and accept a challenge? Check below some HTML questions that will test your familiarity and understanding of this web programming language.

In the test you will find questions about closely-rated markup languages and standards such as XML, XHTML. There isn’t a time limit or final score, so take your time and understand how good you are with HTML.

Question 1

What is the main international organization that publishes HTML specifications called?

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Question 2

How many HTML headings are there?

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Question 3

What’s wrong with the following HTML markup?

<p style“font-size:14px;”>Softheme <span>2015</span></p>

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Question 4

What version of Internet Explorer was the first to support HTML5 elements?

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Question 5

What’s the name of the microformat in the following example? The missing element is marked as ???

<span class=”???”><span class=”latitude”>50.26</span>, <span class=”longitude”>30.31</span></span>

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Question 6

What markup language do RSS and OpenSearch use?

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Question 7

What’s the name of the HTML5 element that begins with the letter K?

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Question 8

According to the HTML5 W3C Recommendation, how many states/values does the type attribute have?

Question 9

If a hyperlink points to a resource containing copyright information about the web page’s content, what link type can you specify on the hyperlink?

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Question 10

What attribute can you use to specify a regular expression which describes a valid value for an input element?