Why to Improve your English?

No one even remembers when or how English became the most widely spoken language in the world as a part of globalization, which is current a trend in human society. English is a very effective language when you can unlock its power, this has been proved by the many native and non-native speakers all over the world. Statistics suggest that nearly a quarter of the world’s population is already good or even fluent in English. But what does English mean to the IT world? How can it affect your tech knowledge and skills? We’ve described some of the most important in the post below.

Why is it so important to learn and to improve your English language skills?

To improve employment potential and career growth

IT specialists need to better their English as their second language for communication and work. It’s obvious that specialist who speaks only one language can communicate only with the people who speak the same language as them. When a developer is proposing his services to a foreign client he not only needs to be able to communicate the thoughts and skills in his head, he also has to understand the psychology and belief structure of this client.

Whatever your career goals, knowing English certainly won’t hurt your career growth. Chances are that knowing English will open up new opportunities that you would not have had otherwise.

To learn about new technologies easier

English is so important because it is the language of science and technology. English is now clearly established as the main language of the international scientific communication. For example, almost 80% of all science journals are published in English.

To improve memory

The brain functions better if it has exercises. Learning English or any other foreign language involves memorizing rules and vocabulary, which helps strengthen your brain. These exercises improve overall memory, which means that multiple language speakers are better at remembering large amounts of information. Some studies show that bilinguals are better at retaining names, directions, shopping lists etc.

To increase native and other foreign languages ability

Some researches and studies show that learning other languages increases students’ understanding of languages in general and enables students to use their native language more effectively. Foreign language learners have a better understanding of language and improved literacy in general. They have a Higher reading ability in their native language along with improved listening skills and memory have also been shown to correspond with extended foreign languages study.

To improve chances of further studying abroad on special courses or even to get a second higher education at  foreign college

The majority of colleges and foreign schools consider the knowledge of English and its culture to be part of what every educated person should know. Many majors in sciences, technologies, and professional fields require the study of one or more languages to guarantee success in their chosen field. Even if a course or program doesn’t require fluent English knowledge, it’s often recommended for the subject. This is so important because many important research projects are often published in English-language books and professional journals as mentioned above.

To understand better: English-speaking literature, music and cinema

The original version is always more authentic and gives a better true understanding. A translation of a text or music can never be fully identical to the style of its original. A translation always is subjected to the interpretation of the translator. To be able to fully understand English literature, theater, music, and cinema, you must be able to see them in their original English form.

To make travel more enjoyable

If you speak fluent English, then you will have an ability to see beyond the surface of the culture of English-speaking countries during your trip. When you lack the ability to communicate in English, you cannot fully understand the culture or communicate with the people. The language barrier can cause lots of problems. When you know English, you have an ability to successfully navigate through all sorts of situations, like order a meal in the restaurant, find an accommodation, or even to negotiate about cheaper prices. And best of all to you can ask and find out the Who, What, When, How, and most importantly the Whys of the things you see. You will be able to have a deeper and satisfying travel experience.

To make lifelong foreign friends

Knowing English increases the number of people worldwide with whom you can communicate. People who speak other languages fully appreciate the effort and desire to get to know their culture and to communicate with them using their native languages. In this case it’s easy to find a topic to talk about and as a result to develop relations that can become even great friendships in the future.