Watch Others Programming

The best self-education is an education that has practice. But the main question is how to get new knowledge, practice it, and implement it into some valuable results. One simplest possible ways is to just watch how others work. A new website for developers ‘Watch People Code’ has recently been launched. The website allows developers and coders to watch while others are coding from all over the world. The screen shots are broadcasted live along with the images of the developing, editing, and testing of the code. If you want to find out something new to help with your self-improvement, then check our blog post below.

According to The Next Web, watching people code could be the next big thing in live streaming. The livestreaming of a coding session is gaining popularity fairly quickly. These sorts of streams could become an interesting mix of entertainment and learning opportunities.

The website ‘Watch People Code’ gets live streams from the same section on Reddit – /r/WatchPeopleCode subreddit, where it’s published by programmers and coders. In addition to live streams, Watch People Code provides an opportunity to check out the upcoming streams and the streams that have already been recorded. If you want to start live streaming, you should submit a link to your YouTube stream and thousands of people could watch how you code.


After checking the history of some recorded streams, you may notice that some programmers are just editing their code while listening to music, while others organize online courses, explaining what and how they’re creating their code at that moment. Many streams allow observers to ask questions and receive answers from the host. Having a person you can interact with, ask questions, and learn is becoming more and more valuable.

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