Ukrainian Student Won the Coding Contest by Google

Ilya Kovalevskyi is a 13 year old student from Kyiv, Ukraine. He is an 8th grade student at Kyiv’s “Intelligence” lyceum. There is one thing very special about this guy. He is one of 20 winners of the annual programming contest – Google Code-in 2012, a contest of developing software with open coding for students from all over the world.

For most of the participants, it was their first experience of working with open source software. As a part of the contest, mentors from open source-organizations (KDE, Apertium, The NetBSD Project, The Fedora Project, Haiku and others) were working with participants, giving them several tasks and choosing two winners according to the results. Ilya was chosen by KDE.


The boy seems to be proud of his feat, but claims to have had more modest ambitions. “I just wanted the T-shirt they give to every participant who completes the minimum of three tasks and that’s it,” Kovalevskyi says. “And I completed 63 tasks on user interface development, finding bugs in existing programs, appending programs and so on.”

20 winners got 576 tasks in all – beginning with an evaluation of face detection in the program of disaster management, continuing with creating videos and screen casts that explain how to write scripts for developing tables in MySQL.

The winners will visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View (CA, US) in May with their parents. During this trip they will attend an awards ceremony and will meet with Google engineers and developers.

The contest was held from November 26th, 2012 to January 14th, 2013. During that time 334 students from 36 countries took part in the contest and completed 1925 tasks.


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