The Future of the Ukrainian IT Market – Expected Growth in 2013

According to the thoughts of numerous IT experts – The Ukrainian IT market will grow in 2013, compared to its value in 2012.

The progress of the Ukrainian IT market depends on numerous external factors: economic conditions, foreign investments, government politics and laws in the IT sphere, financial sector conditions, public debt and sector of corporate relationships.

structureAccording to the forecast, the Ukrainian IT market will reach $3.6 billion in 2013, while IT services will make $320 million. The market is going to be divided into the following order: 79% – hardware, 12% – software, 9% – IT services.

It would be possible that the volume and market shares will change, if critical issues will be resolved such as: licensing new standards of mobile technologies (3G and LTE), more control against the spread of pirated software, realization of numerous government IT projects.

The most promising and favorable IT trends are considered to be in the IT outsourcing and systems integration services. Mainly, that’s the implementation of ERP and CRM-systems, and there is a tendency for growth of hosting services. No less popular will be IT-consulting. There is a demand for the auditing of information systems and optimization of processes within IT. Information security services are still relevant in the Ukrainian IT market.

Industry-specific applications PaaS (Platform as a service) will take their part in the IT market. They will be widely used in such spheres such as financial services, public healthcare services and in the field of intelligent energy systems.


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