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Tips for Writing Better Code

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015


Every developer wants to become better at writing code and to improve his overall code quality. Everyone wants code to be clean and pragmatic. Code readability is a universal subject in the world of computing and programming. Good code is effortlessly readable. But this doesn’t happen on its own. In the blog post below we’ve collected some useful tips of some common practices to become better at writing code.


Intel Predictions on Main IT Trends

Monday, March 2nd, 2015


Intel has shared its vision of the main IT trends that will dominate the near future. According to Intel’s executives, the main trends are going to be – wearable smart devices, IoT (The Internet of Things), big data analytics in healthcare, and smart cities. All these trends present a huge opportunity for computing and programming. If all is of interest and makes sense to you, then check our blog post with more details below.


YouTube Channels for Web Developers

Friday, February 20th, 2015


Online video tutorials are one of the simplest methods for learning new techniques. They’re more visual, more practical, and don’t involve much reading. If you don’t have a YouTube channel for learning new things, then there’s a good chance you are behind time. Check out the list of the most useful YouTube video channels for developers which will leave you eager to learn more.


Watch Others Programming

Monday, February 16th, 2015


The best self-education is an education that has practice. But the main question is how to get new knowledge, practice it, and implement it into some valuable results. One simplest possible ways is to just watch how others work. A new website for developers ‘Watch People Code’ has recently been launched. The website allows developers and coders to watch while others are coding from all over the world. The screen shots are broadcasted live along with the images of the developing, editing, and testing of the code. If you want to find out something new to help with your self-improvement, then check our blog post below.


Programming Language Rankings by GitHub and Stack Overflow

Friday, January 23rd, 2015


Developers often discuss which languages are best, or which are on the rise. How would you rank the popularity of a programming language? The consultants from RedMonk (Drew Conway and John Myles White) have prepared an analysis of the most popular languages comparing the relative performance of the programming languages on GitHub and Stack Overflow. Find out in the blog post below what are the most popular programming languages of today.


SWIT Investor Day