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Free Online Courses to Improve Tech Skills

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Improve Skills
Universities and colleges are providing education to those who need the basic knowledge and background of any IT area. But sometimes these educational institutions cannot provide the most current knowledge because the tech world is changing so quickly. In the time between your first and last years at college, technologies can be updated or used in totally new ways.

Thanks to the Internet, a deeper understanding of any topic can be gained after completing an open learning course. We’ve checked some free online courses that can help you get up to date with the last tech trends.


Online Resources to Start Learning to Code

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


Most IT specialists have friends and/or kids who might be interested in learning how to code, but their friends and/or kids don’t know from where to begin. It is the same as with learning foreign languages, it would be easier if you start learning in your younger years. Getting used to such programming languages as .NET, HTML, CSS, and Java ensures that you’ll have a deeper understanding of tech world and this will open new opportunities for becoming an IT specialist. We’ve checked-out some online resources for kids and adults which can help you to develop intelligence in coding.


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