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Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016


The outsourcing trend stands to continue; IT outsourcing keeps being one of the most important industry sectors of such economics as the Ukrainian one. We’ve already talked so much about the financial and business benefits of outsourcing IT services. But we haven’t discussed the social benefits for people who are working in IT outsourcing companies.

So we’re launching a series of blog posts, the main idea of which is to describe the social benefits of IT outsourcing with real stories from real people.


Large Enterprises Choose IT Outsourcing from Small Providers

Thursday, April 21st, 2016


In today’s business world, the vast majority of businesses are really dependent on their IT systems. We’re noticing a tech trend where more large organizations are working with small IT providers. But what is driving this trend and why now? And how do you select a great IT service provider? We’ll try to find out in the blog post below with taking in mind that Ukraine may become your next outsourcing service provider.


The Next Big Thing?
Fog Computing

Friday, February 19th, 2016


Nowadays most IT companies have adopted the concept of cloud computing into their processes and are using it in some sort of capacity. But if most predictions about the Internet of Things (IoT) will come true, even just the most expected, the distributed cloud architectures won’t be able to handle the IoT’s data and communication needs. That’s where a different approach is coming into view: Fog Computing. Let’s find out what does this term mean and what challenges and advantages we can be waiting for.


Ukrainian IT Market 2015 – Research by

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


The Ukrainian IT market, valued over $5 billion, is one of the most important industries that generates almost 4% of the Ukrainian GDP. Unlike many industries that have experienced a sharp recession during 2014-2015, Ukraine’s IT sector has increased in numbers of total workforce, number of jobs, and the number of IT educational programs and trainings. A popular website for developers – – has done some research about the development of the Ukrainian IT market in 2015. Learn more about the final results in our blog post.


2014 IT Outsourcing Changes

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014


The year is almost over. It is time to see what main trends were implemented in the IT outsourcing world during the last year. Outsourcing budgets were expanding over the last year, compared to other IT segments; and because outsourcing is a long-term and strategic decision, companies don’t make big changes in their outsourcing budgets. Outsourcing is taking on a more strategic role, moving away from a simple cost-cutting strategy toward a partnership among IT companies based on quality and value.

Check our blog post below to see what predictions became a reality during the last year.


SWIT Investor Day