New Trends in Web Design 2014

The end of a year is a time for summing-up results and making predictions of future trends. Sometimes they are interesting, sometimes they are just something to do. There are many very interesting trends to look at, but we chose the most interesting trend, web design. So check out the top trends in web-design for 2014 that most developers should follow below.


Non-boring fonts
Finally it’s time to give up the old boring and dull fonts that everyone has used. It’s time for fonts with personality. Fonts that are really differ different. Enough using Helvetica or Comic Sans everywhere, let’s improve our arsenal.


Large pics kill sliders
Large pics that are used at the beginning of sites are beginning to take over sliders. Sometimes users really get the needle after they don’t have enough time to watch the described image in the slider. Simple and nice pictures will take their own place in sliders in 2014.


Video replacing text
What is easier for understanding – text or video? Today it’s more common to see a video instead of text on a main page. Creating a video has become faster and cheaper. This type of content got the largest number of engagement in social networks. Video is the best way to show the unique features of your product.


Simple color schemes
It seems that we’ll see lots of sites with simple color schemes in 2014. Under “simple color scheme” it’s easier to understand, one or two colors that are used on a site. Simplification is the new trend. Simple color schemes fit excellent onto a flat design, but it is really important to choose these two colors correctly.


Simple content
2014 is a content year. This year will rule over web and mobile applications. Twitter-style apps will be really popular, as the content rules and comes first and not the design.


Manipulation of images
It is not a big deal to load GBs of pics on a site, but you can reach an incredible effect if you manipulate with them a little bit. In 2014 we will see more and more pics that will be combined with some captions, frames and Instagram filters.


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