Most Difficult-to-Fill IT Roles

Finding skilled technology professionals has always been a battle and a challenge. Most companies are looking for IT specialists with a set of specific skills and experience – the more the better. Some skill sets that must be filled by tech hiring managers and recruiters are at about double or triple the frequency of other skills sets available in the employment market. Competition is high among tech companies that are all chasing the same talent, making positions hard-to-fill. Read below the following blog post to find out what these IT roles are.

TEKsystems conducted a survey of CIOs, CTOs, and other senior IT professionals from different industries such as technology, financial services, healthcare, and government. According to the survey, the respondents outlined the toughest areas in which to find tech talent.

Programming and Application Development

Increased use of smartphones has generated a demand for businesses to offer easy-to-use mobile applications to customers and users.  The popularity of mobile apps is constantly growing as well. So these increased demands have made it challenging to find candidates with good mobile app development skills. Candidates with mobile app development skills are hard to find because the lack of relevant mobile application development training that is offered by higher education today.

.NET and Java technologies are still highly-needed for most businesses that are moving into the digital age. So people with such skills will likely continue to grow.


According to a report from Ponemon Institute, cybercrime and security breaches are costing organizations $11.6 million a year. Information security specialists are responsible for protecting the data of organizations against possible threats in security. Also such specialists should analyze the level of risk and develop a responsible disaster recovery process.

Such specialists should be the sort of person who, when looking at an information system, think about what’s wrong with it. Organizations need security cyber-warriors to battle inside the castle as well as outside.

Business Intelligence/Big Data

Big data is making complex things simpler. Some organizations collect a huge amount of data, so they need IT professionals who can parse through it all, define what is necessary and then create actionable solutions. According to MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, there are four skill sets required to really understand big data: a big data/storage expert, a business/subject matter expert, a math/machine learning specialist, and a visualization expert to present all the data. It’s highly important that one person presents all these skills. So it’s a real challenge for an organization to find such a business intelligence/big data specialist.

Business Analysts/Project Managers

IT business analysts align the business goals and objectives with the available technical resources. Project managers are the ones who usually are responsible for the mess programmers make. The best analysts are organized and great communicators, having the ability to define the critical information from all “information flow”, often through a wide range of modelling techniques. BA and PM work with the project stakeholders to translate their requirements into something that the developers can understand and work with. And at the same time they can explain the technical complexities to the project stakeholders. Such individuals always were and will be in high demand.

IT Architects

With today’s complex and dynamically driven database sites and networks, IT architects have become critical to most projects. IT Architects have become critical to most Web design projects. Combining technical and visual with a sense for organizational structures and usability.

According to TEKsystems data, almost half of all companies expect to increase their IT headcount in the near future and many will be looking for specialists in this area.

Cloud Computing Roles

Cloud computing is widely accepted nowadays, while there is an explosion in both the use of cloud computing and the demand in people to assist with the mass migration to cloud. There are two categories of cloud computing jobs that seem to be in high demand: IT specialists with specific cloud computing skills and IT admin with cloud architecture knowledge. Investing in cloud computing skills seems to be a good choice today and successful careers in the future.

Help Desk/Technical Support

Customer services always plays a great role in a company’s success. Help desk and technical support are the first line that meets customer issues. These guys are the company’s voices and as a result they create an image of a company in the eyes of the customers. Being a great help desk analyst is not as easy as it would seem to be.

With services being complex, IT help desk/technical support have to keep up with a wide range of technologies and services that are needed to effectively support customers.

Software Engineers

These guys deal with the engineering side of software design, development, and maintenance. The competition among good software engineers is extremely high. But at the same time this job is creative, dynamic, and greatly rewarding.

There are lots of thoughts that software engineers are one of the key elements of the IT company.

Great software products are created by rock star software engineers. And it’s actually a pretty big challenge to hire such a rock star.