Where Can You Level Up Your Coding Skills?

Coding is our reality, and obviously, it’s a career of our future. Nowadays to fulfill yourself and to reach full success in your life, it’s not enough just to have basic know-how and to be aware of most of the know-whats.

So, where do you start learning to code, if you’re a newcomer, and where to level up your skills if you already have some skills?

Look down and find it out!

We suggest to you some of the best resources, where you can try out some easy-to-understand and well-defined tutorials to improve your knowledge on programming languages.

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Codecademy. This is the best platform to start or to keep learning coding. With this site you have a good chance to walk through the jungles of the programming world and to get the basic idea of computer science and syntax of a programming language. Cunning, not extremely long tutorials will definitely inspire you to continue on.

What you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and more

General complexity level: easy-intermediate

Khan Academy. You can practice various exercises, watch instructional videos, and study at your own pace. This is a good way to extend your competence.

What you can learn: foundations of Programming, Drawing & Animation, Data managing, Web developing

General complexity level: easy-intermediate

Free Code Camp. This resource will help you to learn the basic things concerning full-stack developing in JavaScript. This Code Camp offers you an absolutely free curriculum, nonprofit projects. Moreover you can get verified certificates, free as well.

What you can learn: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, Git/GitHub

General complexity level: easy-intermediate




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CodeHS. It was launched to teach students anywhere, how to code. During studying, you can use video tutorials, examples, and do exercises at different levels. The advantage of this recourse is that it provides you with many teaching tutorials. It is also among the best site for teachers to find some interesting materials.

What you can learn: JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL, AP Computer Science

General complexity level: easy-intermediate

Cost: min $ 25

Treehouse. This source provides you with qualitative video, game-technology, and project-oriented training courses to teach you how to code. You will be interested even if you are the greatest ‘luddite’ in the whole world.

What you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, Database

General complexity level: easy-intermediate-hard

Cost: min $25

Code School. It offers you advanced focused courses and you can grow from the a newbie into an expert in your chosen area. Code School applies screencasts and video tutorials for training.

What you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, .Net, iOS, Git, Database, Ruby

General complexity level: intermediate-hard

Cost: min $ 29

You were not born yesterday, but you still adore playing games? Then blockly-games are the ultimate way for you to learn to code and to have fun at the same time!

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Blockly Games. Probably these games were designed for children only, but guys, it might be the most stunning way to learn conditionals (not Maths :)), loops, and text-based programming. If you’re looking what to start from, but boring theory is not for you, this site is a highly recommend one to choose.

What you can learn: foundations of programming

General complexity level: easy-intermediate

Code Bug. This is a great platform that shows you how to build interactive device. It gives you a possibility to enter the programming world in a easy and funny way. You can catch on to the concept of coding and create your own robots, games, and realize other ideas you have in your mind!

What you can learn: how to build your program

General complexity level: easy-intermediate-hard

App Inventor. This is a brilliant introduction to the programming world, especially pertaining to app creation for beginners. When learning here, you can see how the complex language of text-based coding transforms into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. Try to create your own basic, fully functional app.

What you can learn: how to start your own app

General complexity level: easy-intermediate-hard

Enjoy your studying!