IT Career Chances Worth Taking

There is an old saying but it’s still completely true: ‘You’ll never know unless you try’. From fears of the making the wrong move to worries about looking irrational, taking a career risk is not an easy thing to do. Whether you’re just starting your tech career or you’re already an experienced senior developer, knowing when to take risks and chances can mean the difference between success and failure. In the blog post below you’ll find some chances that are worth taking at any stage of your IT career.

Focus on Workplace Culture

Your job is taking-up a larger part of your life, so make sure that the job and the workplace you choose aligns with your core values, and that you feel comfortable during all your working hours and all working days. Even if your skills and experience are a perfect match to the job, you just might not feel comfortable working in a huge corporation or, for example, in a creative advertising agency. Sometimes you need to think whether a chosen place of work will be enjoyable to you over the next 5-10 years.

Some personal feedback from LinkedIn and other comments on websites for developers can help you ensure the job is right for you in every way.

Don’t Focus Only on Salary

Surely, salary is one of the main criteria for choosing an exact job position. But if the job has an influence on the total time spent with your family, or for other preferred activities, hobbies, and outside interests that are important to you, it may not be worth it.

Your job position should be more about a cultural fit, possible growth, and aligning with people who are striving to have the same career goals and mission as you. All the money in the world can’t be earned. And anyway this money won’t help if you’re working twelve hours per day, weekends, and late nights with no time to spend with your family and friends.

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Network Outside the Industry

In the period of socializing and networking, it seems logical to network with others in your industry, with those who share your interest and passion in design, development, testing etc. This is an important part of everyone’s career – make as many connections as possible using your community contacts, professional events and meetups, and outside activities. You could find an opportunity where you might never expect.

But at the same time you have to remember that guys in your field who have the same skills and experience might not want to share their connections or their tips with you. So stay as an open-minded as you can, but always remember with whom and what you can share.

Work With People Smarter Than You

‘You can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent’ – from movie Revolver (director Guy Ritchie).

Don’t be afraid to work with people whose intelligence, experience, and achievements exceed yours. This is a great chance to learn new things with practical cases and details from people who can be great mentors.

Try to find situations when you’re surrounded by those who are smarter than you, more skilled than you, and with more experience. In a short period of time you’ll find you’re smarter that you might give yourself credit for.

Work for a Small, Mid-size Company or a Start-Up

Not so far ago, Google and Apple were tiny start-ups that began to work from their founders’ garages. If you believe in a smaller or mid-size company and the ability to succeed with their product or service, then take the chance and try yourself in such a company. Comparing them to big companies, such smaller companies are dynamic, so you’ll have a chance to quickly learn new things.

Startups are also great places to develop your independent thinking, creative skills, and your ability to work in team. Don’t be afraid to take a lower salary. Who knows, probably such a company will be the next Instagram or Uber.

Finally, don’t be afraid you create your own path. If you’re interested in a new IT job or you’re just begging your IT career, then check-out our page with all the open vacancies in Softheme –