Christmas Gift Ideas for Programers

Christmas and New Year are coming! Throughout December everybody is looking for the new ideas of gifts. It is natural, that they strive to surprise friends and family with something creative and unusual. New Year’s mess is an additional stress; you’re trying to solve a lot of issues, and to choose the best gifts.

The problem seems to be even deeper if you deal with a programmer or an IT specialist, as they are creative people and it is hard to surprise them.

Here are some good ideas for gifts for Christmas and New Year 2017:

Table for a Laptop.


It is the most popular gift! There are various models of such tables. According to the statistics, Table Laptop UFT Sprinter T6 aluminum with silver mat is the most popular model; 40% of consumers bought this particular table last year. Table Laptop UFT Sprinter T6 is one of the most successful models in the world. If you are confused and do not know which table to choose, then there is a simple solution – take this model, and in 95 cases out of 100 it is exactly suitable for you and your laptop. Another popular model is Bamboo table for a laptop UFT T27. Such ecological folding table for a laptop will bring anyone a lot of comfort and pleasure.

Wooden desk for a laptop.


This accessory is the incredibly vital thing if you leave your favourite desktop. Now you do not have to look for a flat surface for a mouse, or to put the laptop on your knees. Comfortable mat, the right size and pleasant tactile sensations – the whole desk will give you cool emotions with this accessory. And most importantly, the work will move faster!

Flexible USB-keyboard ROLL.


Convenient flexible keyboard is an ideal for those one who like to eat near the computer! Keyboard is waterproof and is easy to wash! As it is very compact, and it is simply impossible to break.

Computer mouse MUS-3.


Wireless optical two-button mouse MUS-3 controls the cursor on the screen and looks like a cursor. The scroll wheel. was added to the new model of the mouse. Battery indicator is installed in the handle, and it lights up only when it is time to change the battery or to recharge the battery. Despite the fact that some people don’t like its unusual shape, MUS-3 is like a regular mouse, without causing any inconvenience.

USB Cigarette Lighter in the form of a Porsche key.


Cheap, practical and beautiful gift. Electronic Cigarette Lighter is charged by USB. It is absolutely harmless for the environment and will serve for a long time. It comes with USB charger. Spiral temperature of the lighter is 800 degrees and it heats immediately. Charge is capable for 150 or more lights, so there is no need to charge it often, as it is enough once every few days.

USB-Stands for APPLE cup with heating.


Take care of your loved ones during winter time. Stand for a cup with heating would be a great sign of concern and expression of love. Particularly appreciated by those who sit the whole day at the computer – now hot tea will be waiting for its owner, not cooling.

Poster ‘Your program must work’.


Motivating poster can be hang at home or in the office. It instantly transforms the space as it’s creative, useful and simply pleasing. There are some things that need to be systematically repeated: you can do it, you can strive for the best, enough to dream – take the cause! The poster will remind you about it.