Characteristics of Successful IT Professionals

Professionalism is a word embraced by many people, but demonstrated by far fewer individuals. Its origins come from the Latin word “profess” which means “to avow before”. The real question is what characteristics make an IT person successful? We’ve collected the most important ideas behind the main characteristics of a successful IT professional.

Addicted to technologies

The most important thing of all is that when you do something you love, you do it better. This shows in the quality of your work, your attitude to the tasks, and your willingness to take on the challenging tasks and assignments. New technologies are always a top topic to talk about of a successful and intelligent IT guy.

Understand data (big data)

Data is a key element of any IT organization. Having a deep understanding of a company’s data provides insights into how all hardware and software applications are connected. If you understand a company’s data flow, then you will understand its internal processes and business model.

Have a deep insight into their primary expertise

If your specialization is data communication, then you should know everything about the hardware and software of data communications in your data center. If you are a Project Manager or a Team Lead then you should know everything about how to lead projects and a group of people. It doesn’t matter what expertise you choose, IT professionals respect competence.

Are a team player

The old African proverb says – If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Being a team player over a long-term distance is essential for today’s technology world. A good IT employee has a macro perspective on his role within a company. Collaboration with employees in different IT departments is common. Project teams often work on new technologies or software.

Share technical knowledge with others

Part of being a team player is a desire to share the tech knowledge with others. Helping others increases your professional reputation and increases your level in a company. Also, teaching others enhances your knowledge of the topic as after explaining it to others you can look at the topic from a different angle.

Have critical thinking. Thinking outside the box

Company workers often view IT as a troubleshooting resource when technology problems appear. Thus good IT professionals have strong critical-thinking skills. Creative thinking facilitates innovative ways to solve problems, uses old technologies with new methods, and creates new processes or updates the old ones.

See technical challenges as learning opportunities

It’s great if an IT professional has a value of viewing technical issues as new opportunities to learn more about some technology. Such a professional knows how to accept responsibilities and how to achieve the results needed. Your willingness and ability to fix problems will grow your position among coworkers and make you known as the go-to person when issues arise.

Improve interpersonal communication all the time

Most IT projects really depend on the communication level inside the team. Good IT professional should interact with colleagues in planning, coworkers in troubleshooting, and company administrators in maintaining the technology infrastructure.


If you already have most of these characteristics or know how to improve yourself in these, then it’s a good idea to check our page with open vacancies at Softheme. But remember, there is always a way to become better.