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Курсы Salesforce = гарантированое трудоустройство!

Всем, кто любит программировать, кому нравится разбираться в бизнес-логике приложений, проектировать пользовательские интерфесы, работать с данными! Бесплатное обучение, высокооплачиваемая !_даже_! по меркам IT-рынка работа, сертификация.

Getting Things Done: A Productivity Guide for Programmers

Programming is hard. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, but it’s definitely not an easy thing. In order to be successful and productive, being able to get into that deep focus state and stay there is key. Read our new blog post to learn more details how do you keep track of your thoughts and how to make sure that everything you need to do gets done.
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Stay Happy at Work

Hopefully, you like what you’re doing at work. But what if you just feel extremely tired and uninspired after your workday? Maybe you need some useful tips how to deal with it? Check our blog post and find out how to stay happy at work.

9 Most Common Problems New Programmers Face

Your first job as a programmer starts off exciting. But after a few weeks, the downsides of the job – deadlines, bug reports, being yelled at by your manager – start getting to you. Check out our blog post to learn how to deal with the most common challenges you can face with as a new developer.