Best Tools for Project Management at Work and Home

Post-its, Hand-written to-do lists, Office whiteboards.

All of these are well-known for those who deal with project management. But today’s digital world offers us a huge variety of useful and sadly some not really useful project management tools and applications. The main idea behind these management tools is to make your work less “write” and more “remind”. When your to-do list becomes quite long and your task requires a long time and multiple people to complete it, you need more than just a checklist to get your work done. Below we’ve looked through some useful project management tools for both work and home that will help you to be on time with all your tasks.



Asana interface

Asana is a free collaborative workplace management webapp that helps you to keep on top of your to-do tasks and get updates from other people helping you. It’s free for individuals and teams of up to 30 people.

Asana allows team members and managers to create project cards and communicate inside of the program without sending tons of emails and messages for ‘status updates’. It has a number of powerful tools like categories, dependent tasks, and sub-projects to help you stay organized. Asana gives your team a single place to see everyone’s to-dos, related documents, notes, and conversations. Instead of sending emails with files, your team can visit Asana to discuss tasks and review documents together. Everyone else can see updates in real-time, assign each other tasks, and mark their to-dos complete when and if they’re finished.


Podio UI

Podio offers project management and collaboration tools that can be customized to meet your needs. It is free for up to five team members and runs on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Podio’s mobile app has the same click design as its Web version. It’s especially ideal for small business because it handles CRM, sales leads, and recruiting which result in saved business time and money.

Podio allows users to create Workspaces, where they can mark completed tasks, assign projects, share files, and interact in comments. Every user has the power to assign different tasks to other users and define deadlines for the tasks. Podio has a calendar and email-functionality built-in, enabling fast time management inside tasks.


Flow interface

If you prefer a simple interface with real-time tracking of tasks then you need to check-out Flow. It allows managers to assign, organize, and prioritize tasks while controlling who is allowed to see what. This means that a task creator can provide third-party users access to a team’s Flow while also controlling what these users can see. Flow can send notifications of upcoming tasks and set repeating tasks.

The user interface aims to keep you highly organized. Items, projects, and tasks can be quickly found using Flow’s search and it can sort tasks by date, priority, and delegation. There’s a screen that gives users a full overview of every task divided by project. Also you can drag and drop tasks to any position for your desired order.




HomeRoutines is a mobile app that helps you to stay organized at home instead of making dozens of notes that could get lost. This helpful app divides the house into sections and organizes your cleaning routine. The app lets users to set daily/weekly or morning/evening checklist that can be repeated, so HomeRoutines will present them with the same to-do list when the correct time comes. There is also a section for a daily to-do list and there is a counter saying how many tasks you’ve completed that day. Users can select a daily focus (like kids get vitamins), sort tasks by importance, or plan ahead; like specify an area of your home you want to have cleaned for each day or week of the month.



Houzz is a web site that brings together builders, architects and designers, and the people who are interested in their services. It’s a one-stop-shop for home and office design ideas. It includes thousands of articles and pics that can be the inspiration for your next renovation. If you see a design you really like, Houzz can help you find the needed workers and materials and plan your reconstruction in the way you like it. Houzz allows both consumers and building/design professionals to sign up and start sharing ideas and information.



Lift is a mobile and desktop app that lets users set, track, and complete goals. It’s like a personal online coach. Lift is designed to focus on a single step. It records your progress and keep you moving with ‘momentum’ graphs and ‘check-ins’ to celebrate your achievements. This app comes with a support system in the form of users’ community.  Lift allows you to connect with the entire community to cheer each other.

Lift was built using deep research into the psychology surrounding the formation of habits.