55 Free IT Courses for this February

To become a better IT specialist, you need to be improving yourself all the time. The best way to ‘upgraded’ yourself is to join a free online course which is proposed on such educational platforms as Coursera, edX, Open2Study, NovoED, Canvas.net, and others. In the blog post below you will find a list of the 55 most interesting free online courses in IT, programming, mathematics, and entrepreneurship that will start this February. So don’t waste time.

Most of the courses have already started (Feb 6th-9th), but this doesn’t mean that you cannot join the course that is interesting to you. All you need to have – a desire and some time.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – Feb 6th, edX;
  2. Better Leader, Richer Life – Feb 8th, Coursera;
  3. The secret power of brands – Feb 9th, FutureLearn;
  4. Middle-Years Computer Science – Feb 9th, edX;
  5. Foundations of Teaching for Learning Capstone: The Reflective Practitioner – Feb 9th, Coursera;
  6. Pattern Discovery in Data Mining – Feb 9th, Coursera;
  7. Concepts in Game Development – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  8. Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea To Marketplace – Feb 9th, Coursera;
  9. New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs – Feb 9th, Coursera;
  10. Employability Skills for Industry – Feb 9th, Canvas.net;
  11. Big Data for Better Performance – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  12. Diagnosing the Financial Health of a Business – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  13. Emergency Management – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  14. Entrepreneurship and Family Business – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  15. Financial Literacy – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  16. Financial Planning – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  17. Human Resources – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  18. Innovation for Powerful Outcomes – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  19. Introduction to Business in Asia – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  20. Introduction to Enterprise Architecture – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  21. Leadership – Identify, Influence and Power – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  22. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  23. Online Advertising – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  24. Principles of Project Management – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  25. Sports and Recreation Management – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  26. Strategic Management – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  27. Writing for the Web – Feb 9th, Open2Study;
  28. Communicating Strategically – Feb 12th, edX;
  29. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) – Feb 13th, Coursera;
  30. Principles of Computing (Part 1) – Feb 13th, Coursera;
  31. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking – Feb 14th, Coursera;
  32. 3D Opportunity: The course on additive manufacturing for business leaders – Feb 15th, NovoED;
  33. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  34. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 2 – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  35. Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 2) – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  36. Algorithms, Biology, and Programming for Begineers – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  37. Ignite Your Everyday Creativity – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  38. Design Thinking for Business Innovation – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  39. Making Sense of Social Impact: Acumen’s Building Blocks for Impact Analysis – Feb 16th, NovoED;
  40. On Strategy: What Managers can learn from Philosophy – Part 2 – Feb 16th, Coursera;
  41. Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra – Feb 16th, edX;
  42. Market Analysis at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Feb 17th, NovoED;
  43. Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader – Feb 18th, edX;
  44. Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark – Feb 23rd, edX;
  45. Introduction to Geospatial Technology Using QGIS – Feb 23rd, Canvas.net;
  46. Sport Informatics and Analytics – Feb 23rd, Canvas.net;
  47. Software Security – Feb 23rd, Coursera;
  48. High Performance Scientific Computing – Feb 23rd, Coursera;
  49. Beginning Game Programming with C# – Feb 23rd, Coursera;
  50. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship – Feb 23rd, Coursera;
  51. Introduction to Public Speaking: Impromptu Speaking – Feb 23rd, Canvas.net;
  52. Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics – Feb 23rd, Coursera;
  53. Circumpolar Innovation – Feb 23rd, Canvas.net;
  54. Application of Linear Algebra Part 1 – Feb 23rd, edX;
  55. Digital Transformation and Its Impact – Feb 24th, openSAP.

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We hope that you can choose and join one, two, or even several learning courses from this list. In order to help you to choose the right course, you are invited to check the following blog posts: