25 Websites with Programming Puzzles

Solving programming puzzles is a fun way to develop your coding skills, logical thinking, and problem solving abilities. Also, when you are studying a new programming language, solving puzzles and brainteasers can help to speed up the learning process for that language. Checkout our blog post with some interesting programming puzzle sites that you can visit just for fun, or to compete with colleagues, or to improve your coding skills.

Websites with puzzles

  • Algorithm Geeks – A community of Google developers.
  • CodeKata – A blog of programming puzzles written by Dave Thomas, who’s most famous for the book “Pragmatic Programmer”. The puzzles involve many questions that are relevant to real world programming.
  • LessThanDot – A forum that includes programming puzzles with different ratings, reference materials and interesting technical discussions.
  • The Daily WTF – A website with the main idea of – Bring Your Own Code (like Bring Your Own Device). Some developers post their unusual source code, while others try to solve it.
  • Peking University JudgeOnline for ACIP/ICPC – A website with tasks from different programming contests. The tasks can be solved in real-time and checked by the judges from the website.
  • University of Valladolid Online Judge – A similar website to the previous one in case if the tasks from Perking University JudgeOnline are not enough for you.
  • CodinGame – A website lets you interactively solve puzzles by delivering a set of test cases that needs to pass with each challenge. It supports 23 programming languages.
  • Programming Praxis – A blog that includes a range of interesting problems with solutions that usually available in several different programming languages.
  • Project Euler – A website with a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical basic knowledge. The puzzles features on the website range from relatively trivial to seriously complex.

Websites with games

  • CodeChef – A community where you can solve puzzles online and participate in monthly programming contests and trainings.
  • Hacker.org – The hacker.org challenges include series of puzzles, tricks, tests and brainteasers designed to check your coding skills. To complete these series you will need to crack cryptography, write clever code and analyze a lot.
  • Pex for fun – A game developed by Microsoft research team, where you compete against other programmers. Your main weapon is your code.
  • Rankk – A game where you start from easy levels and progress to intermediate and hard levels by solving challenges at each step. This game is a kind of reincarnation of the old programming game – The Pyramid.
  • TopCoder – A website where you can earn money for solving tasks. The developers and designers are solving real cases from real companies, and the most successful get paid for that.
  • Google Code Jam – A website with algorithmic puzzles that were solved during Google coding competitions.
  • Python Challenge – A website includes riddles that ask you to write small Python programs to solve it. The difficulty levels get progressively harder and more cryptic.

Language specific

  • 4Clojure – A resource where you can learn programming language – Clojure, through solving interactive problems from simple to complex.
  • Prolog Problems – A website where you have an opportunity to practice skills in logic programming. The main is to find the most effective solution of the given problem, but logical clarity is even more crucial.
  • Ruby Quiz – A website with weekly programming challenges for Ruby developers. A new Ruby Quiz is sent to the mailing list each Friday.
  • Codingbat – A resource with lots of coding challenges with different difficulty levels. It’s available in Java and Python.
  • Cyber-dojo – A place where programmers can practice programming under supervision of site’s administrator.
  • Code Wars – Trainings with code challenges in 8 different programming languages.
  • Rosalind – A platform where you can study programming algorithms and bioinformatics through solving real cases.

Practice before job interview

  • LeetCode – A platform for preparing technical coding interviews. You can pick from a library of more than 190 questions, code and submit you solution to find out if you have solved it correctly. The platform supports 9 programming languages.
  • Career Cup – The website collects interview questions from various tech companies.