20 Jobs of the Future

Can you name 10 jobs that were not popular or even non-existent just 10 years ago? A lot of technologies and programming languages appear every single day and this results in new occupations and jobs. According to Thomas Frey (Google’s top rated Futurist Speaker): ‘60% of the best jobs in the next 10 years haven’t been invented yet’.

Research agency “Sparks&Honey” has offered its vision of the future. This vision contains 20 professions, according to the authors, that could be really in high demand in the next decade.

Nowadays, growing a career is a complex and fragmented process that involves specialization in a narrow area and being able to be in constant communication with others. More than ever, this process will require the involvement of others. Some of the following listed professions already exist, but some are still in the process of genesis and the rest have not even been started yet, but according to the report, it’s likely that they will be in a high demand in next 10-15 years.

1. Productivity Counselor

Due to the emphasis on ‘productivity’ and ‘efficiency’ along with new tracking technologies, people will need help organizing their lives to improve their productivity, welfare, and effective time management skills.

2. Personal Digital Curator

A specialist, who will make a unique set of mobile apps, hardware and software for your personal and work needs.

3. Microbial Balancer

A consultant, who assesses the microbial makeup of an environment or individual and gives recommendations for a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

4. Corporate Disorganizer

A specialist, who measures the hierarchical relationships in the company in order to create an atmosphere of a startup or an organized chaos.

5. Curiosity Tutor

A personal advisor on flaneuring, who does not only inspire and support your curiosity, but also teaches you the art of world discovery.

6. Alternative Currency Speculator

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are gaining a larger importance every day. This results in opportunities for creating an alternative exchange trade and investments in virtual currencies.

7. Urban Shepherd

A small farmer and consultant, who guides you in creating a more nature-filled environment within a city. These people are specialized in tiny gardens and flowerbeds, that can be located in the most unusual and unexpected places.

8. Printing Handyman

A specialist in 3-D printing and neighborhood materials, a sort of ‘master on call’, who helps you create a variety of things that will be printed in the future.

9. Digital Death Manager

A specialist, who creates, manages or deletes pages in social networks of disabled or deceased persons.

10. Personal Life Log Archivist

In the age of everyday documentation, we need a person, who can help organize, systemize, and make sense of the volumes of personal information. Such specialist can also identify the potential use of such information.


11. Digital Detox Therapist

An advisor, who helps individuals to get rid of their gadgets and devices and help create a unique ‘analog’ immersion zone.

12. Crowdfunding Specialist

A master of fundraising on such sites like Kickstarter or Indigogo, who understands how to promote and get funds for a tech project through crowd funding.

13. Cultural Skills Sherpa

Like a financial advisor, this specialist helps clients develop and acquire the skills necessary for employment in an exact position.

14. Quantified Self Personal Trainer

A health trainer, who not only recommends the right diet, but also analyzes your everyday and sports activity and offers the most optimum personal life choices.

15. Vicarious Videographer

A person, who captures unique experiences of different activities (using GoPro or Google Glass) for consumption by armchair clients.

16. Hackschooling Counselor

A counselor, who inspires kids and students to hack the real world and to experiment with new activities rather than only pursuing traditional educational plans.

17. Privacy Consultant

A specialist, who reveals vulnerabilities in your personal, home, and digital environment.

18. Skype Staging

A hired advisor, who helps to prepare for various situations and events through remote interviews or video conferencing, including etiquette, conversational skills etc.

19. Meme Agent

Similar to a talent agent, meme agent identifies and evaluates the personal or intellectual qualities used in a meme.

20. Drone Driver

Civil service and private individuals are using more and more often all kinds of drones (especially flying), which result in the need of experienced drone operators (especially with urban experience).